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Tips for Preventing Your Pets from Damaging Furniture

One thing’s for certain, the good people of Murfreesboro love their pets! And as a professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning business, we know those fur-babies keep us in business! But we’re homeowners too, and we don’t want our customers spending lots of money on upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, outside of their regular maintenance schedule. Here are a few tips to help keep your furniture looking good, and keep your pets from being banished to the garage.

Give Your Pets Acceptable Things to Chew or Scratch

You can discourage your pets from chewing or scratching your furniture by providing them with acceptable alternatives. If your dog chews out of anxiety or boredom while you’re away, you can confine him to the kitchen or another room of the house that doesn’t contain furniture. Give him bones or toys to chew on so he won’t be tempted to go after the furniture. If you have a cat that routinely scratches up your furniture, get a good scratching pad or post and place it in the area that he or she typically scratches.

Groom Pets Regularly

If your furniture or upholstery is often covered in pet hair, you may need to groom your pets more often. Professional upholstery cleaning, couch cleaning, and carpet cleaning services will thoroughly remove pet hair from carpeting and furniture, which will in turn reduce household allergens and indoor pollution. You can minimize pet hair buildup between upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning services by grooming your pet regularly. Regular grooming removes excess hair and dander so that your pet will shed less in your home.

Protect Furniture from Stains and Spills

Accidents happen, and your pet may urinate or defecate on your furniture or carpeting. Pets are also sometimes guilty of knocking cups over, causing spills. The good news is that you can protect your furniture and carpeting from upholstery stains and carpet stains. Buy a waterproof furniture cover for chairs and sofas, or train your pets to stay off of your furniture. You can also ask a professional carpet cleaning company about stain-resistant carpeting, or carpet sprays that will protect your carpet from stains.

We're looking for a new team member!

We are looking for a new team member to grow with us!

Over the past few years, we have seen steady growth in our carpet, hardwood and upholstery cleaning business, making 2015 the most successful year in our 13 year history. After making some key improvements last year, we feel Drycon is ready to grow exponentially in 2016!

In order to continue to provide our outstanding service to a rapidly expanding customer base, we are looking to add a new team member for a unique opportunity. The position available is part Cleaning Technician and part Sales/Marketing Representative. This person would train to become a professional cleaning tech in our company. In addition to helping us serve our new and existing customers, they will be provided the tools and training to create and grow their own clientele. In essence, create and run their own business.

That’s why we’re not just looking for an employee.

We’re looking for someone that shares our team’s vision of Golden Rule customer service and wants to make a meaningful contribution to our community.  We want a teammate that wants to join us in becoming an industry leader. Someone that thinks like an entrepreneur and isn’t afraid of a physically demanding job.

If you or someone you know is a high-character, motivated individual in search of a unique business opportunity contact us at (615)533-6641 or email us at  

5 Tips to Protect Your Carpet

5 Tips to Protect Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean and free from unsightly spots can be difficult, especially with children and pets. If your carpet does need a professional cleaning, Drycon Carpet Cleaning is here to help. We service Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and the greater Middle Tennessee Area. Click through for five tips to help your carpet stay clean and fresh.