Two Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Carpet

New carpet is expensive, so naturally we are all looking for ways to prolong carpet life in our homes. Fortunately, doing so isn’t complicated, but it does require a couple of things…

Vacuum Frequently! (…no really, vacuum a lot ;)  

I know, no one enjoys vacuuming, BUT it is the most important single thing a homeowner can do to prolong the life and beauty of their carpet. Vacuuming your carpet removes dry soil particulates that work itself deep into your carpet. This is abrasive and damaging to the fibers of your carpet. This wear and tear causes traffic patterns to develop and can result in carpet that looks dull and worn. Removing this soil through frequent vacuuming protects your carpet fibers from this abrasion and keeps your carpet from wearing down, keeping it looking new. Vacuuming also keeps soil and dust particulates from adhering to any sticky residue that may be in the carpet fiber.

***We get asked all the time for our professional opinion on vacuum cleaners, and our answer is always the same: The best vacuum cleaner is the one you don’t mind getting out of the closet and using! Don’t be too worried about finding the perfect model with all sorts of attachments. They’re useful, but not as useful as simply vacuuming your carpet regularly.

Regularly Schedule a Professional Carpet Cleaning

No matter how much we vacuum, spots and stains are going to happen. For this reason, we recommend scheduling Drycon Carpet Cleaning every 6-12 months, depending on your home’s traffic and wear. Our deep-scrub, dry bonnet method will lift dirt, dust, hair, etc. from deep in the carpet fiber, and will leave your carpets free of residue and almost completely dry. Once we finish with our grooming process, the carpet pile will be lifted and will be ready to serve your family for many months.