Pricing List

Drycon has pricing to fit any budget. Whether you need one room or several, our pricing offers flexibility and customization.


2 rooms cleaned-$85          
3 rooms cleaned-$115          
4 rooms cleaned-$139
5 rooms cleaned-$159          
6 rooms cleaned-$179          
7 rooms cleaned-$199

Stairs- $3 per step, or $30 for a full flight
Additional hallways -$10

*room size: up to 400 Sq ft.
*free hallway included with all purchases (up to 10 ft)
*includes moving light furniture


$60 per room
$75 per room with furniture moving



Couch/Sofa (up to 7ft) - $70
Sectional Sofa - $90            
Love Seat - $55 
Chairs (Ottomans, recliners, etc.) -$20-$30

Additional Cleaning Services

Heavy pet stain enzyme treatment - $10 per room 

Heavy odor treatment - $10 per room 

Carpet protectant - $10 per room