5 Tips to Protect Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean and free from unsightly spots can be difficult, especially with children and pets. If your carpet does need a professional cleaning, Drycon Carpet Cleaning is here to help. We service Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, Hermitage, and the greater Middle Tennessee Area. Below are five tips to help your carpet stay clean and fresh.

1. Remove Your Shoes When Entering Your Home

While this may sound simple, many people walk through their home with shoes that have collected dirt and grime from the outside world. Shoes also create wear and tear on your carpet, shortening it's effective lifespan.

2. Use Outdoor Mats and Interior Rugs

Outdoor mats will help clean your shoes if you forget to take them off when entering your home, and interior rugs will protect your carpets from dirt, food, and other household stains. Typically interior rugs can be purchased at your local home improvement store for less than $200. Interior rugs not only protect your carpet, but also add to the interior design and warmth of the room. 

3. Vacuum Regularly

Be sure to vacuum your carpets once per week to pick up any dirt or grime that they collect. This keeps dirt from embedding into your carpet fibers, and requiring a professional cleaning.

4. Be Careful About Harsh Carpet Powders and Cleaners

Many home owners try to freshen the smell of a room by using harsh powders and chemicals while vacuuming. There are many great options to look at, but caustic and harsh chemicals not only break down carpet fibers, but also can be harmful to children and pets.

5. Call Drycon Carpet Cleaning

No matter how well clean your carpets, there will be the occasional spill or accident. Drycon Carpet Cleaning is here to help. Call us quickly to help remove stains and other unsightly carpet spots before they set into the carpet fibers. Our proprietary cleaning solutions dry in about 30 minutes, and can help refresh and reinvigorate your carpets.